Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far could a TuanEV travel?

A: A TuanEV is capable of traveling 40-60 miles per fully-charged battery pack. Therefore, a TuanEV can travel 80-120 miles with two fully-charged batteries. With future-designed vehicles that can support more battery packs, the vehicles are capable of traveling even farther!

Q: Are battery packs expensive?

A: Yes. Each battery pack costs roughly $5000 to produce. That’s why the TuanEV system is designed so that the consumer may lease them and pay per usage. However, this cost may decrease with mass production and further technological advances.

Q: How does the cost of exchanging a battery pack compare to the cost of filling up a car with gas?

A: Gas prices are currently about $3.00 per gallon with one gallon allowing about 25 miles of travel. A TuanEV battery pack costs about $2-2.50 at a TuanEV exchange station with one battery pack allowing about 50 miles of travel. Therefore, for 50 miles of traveling distance, a gas car costs $6.00 while a TuanEV costs $2.50.

Q: Why do you claim that the TuanEV System is the solution?

A: The TuanEV System allows for the convenience of long-distance travel that gas cars provide. However, it can also boast that it is environment-friendly with zero pollution emission and cost-friendly.

Q: Will the battery packs reduce passenger space in the electric vehicle?

A: No. Our Scion TC prototype is simply a prototype. Future TuanEVs will store battery packs beneath the car and will not interfere with passenger space. The battery packs will be more compact.